Posted by: jauipop | June 20, 2008

More on Being Vegetarian

I have now, thankfully, been meat free for nearly a month now and it feels great.  I’ve started not to care about what other people say whenever I’m out eating and order the vegetarian option.  Unfortunately, it’s still a problem in Malaysia that those options are very limited on most menus (and limited to things like pasta, which isn’t good for my waistline!).

I got a question (my first comment!!) from a reader, Damien, and he was considering becoming a vegetarian, but didn’t know how to do it when surrounded by other meat eaters.  It is totally understandable that individuals in most Asian countries would find it hard to become fully vegetarian because of the people around them.  You get weird looks, off beat comments (nothing nasty) and you’re surrounded by meat!  One has to be quite strong in willpower and their own conviction to become a full vegetarian.  There are a lot of people here that don’t eat meat on certain days in the month due to religion, but on every other day, they’ll eat a few meat dishes during every meal.  A lot of Buddhists and Hindus don’t eat beef, Muslims don’t eat pork, but they eat everything else (unless they’re vegetarian, but it’s hard to find too many vegetarians).

What I advise is to build up your own reasons of becoming a vegetarian. If it’s for animal welfare reasons, check out Earthlings if you can afford to buy the DVD, or check out this website to start fully informing yourself about the issues of why you should stop eating meat.  There are even health reasons given in the DVD – the way that the animals are treated can’t be good for their health and in turn, our health.  Many people might say that free range meat is OK – but how available is free range in Malaysia?  There is very limited availability of these sorts of meat in this country.

Perhaps start off slowly, have at least one meal a day that is meat free then slowly only have one meat dish per day then one meat dish a couple of times a week and then once a week, then eventually no meat at all.  This pyramid scheme will help you curb your cravings (just like smoking), and it will slowly detox your body.  For some, an instant halt of meat in a meat laden diet will affect your body and might trigger things like sweats and discomfort.  This is because all the toxins that usually comes with meat will finally be getting out of your body.

I’ll write more about being a vegetarian and vegetarian recipes in other posts.  But for now, check out these websites for more resources:

Happy Reading!



  1. Drop by for a visit and learn something.
    I tried full vegetarian diet for 2 months and when I started eating meat, I had sore throat, not joking, so now I will balance my diet with a little meat or fish.
    You have a nice day!

  2. Hi again, thanks for the tips and I agree, a person’s reason for going vegetarian will probably decide if that journey succeeds or fails. If you’re in it because all your friends are, that’s not gonna stick for long. My reason is neither conscience nor religion. I wrote about it today in my blog. Do drop by and tell me what you think.

  3. Nice blog u’ve got there. hm gg vegetarian i see. All the best on your quest! It’s not easy I must say.

    Hope you succeed!

  4. Hi there, how’s a few months of being a vegetarian going?

    I’ve just started my own blog for veggie recipes so maybe that might be of help.

    I live in London, England and people here tend to be more understanding of the veggie diet although I still tend to face a limited menu when going to regular restaurants.

    I visited Malaysia in 2004 and managed to find a few vegetarian restaurants there – have you tried looking out for these?

    Good luck in being veggie and pop over to my blog when you are free.

    I must admit that being veggie is somewhat easier for me as I was brought up this way and my entire family is vegetarian.

  5. Oops forgot to link to my blog:

  6. Hey, great you chose to be a vegetarian, i’m one too for almost some months. It really shouldn’t be a problem 😉 but good luck on your way! Greetings from Vienna

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