Posted by: jauipop | August 4, 2008

More to come… Soon

Just got back from a trip to London and recovering (dealing with jet lag and all that travel sort of stuff).  Also, had to go straight from the airport to the MTV Asia Awards up in Genting.  In a nutshell, it was a good show, but got way too drunk.

Unfortunately, we ate at this restaurant called the Olive up in the hotel and couldn’t try the risotto that was on offer – made by a chef that was flown in.  The risotto was created for the Beijing Olympics.  And it wasn’t vegetarian.  It didn’t have chunks of meat in it or anything, but it did use a meat stock, so i had to resist.  My partner, on the other hand, succumbed to the life of meat eating and had the risotto PLUS a wagyu beef steak.  *sigh* it’s hard being alone sometimes.  Hehe…

I wasn’t all 100% awesome vegetarian man though.  I did have some seafood.  But I promise myself that it will be the last time that happens.


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