Posted by: jauipop | March 5, 2012

Been away… But now I’m BACK!

I’m not sure if anyone out there will read this, but hopefully once I start posting a bit more, I’ll get some attention… please? Haha…

It’s been a few years since I last posted here and much has happened in my personal, vegetarian and work lives.  I would like to start off by saying that I’m not a vegetarian anymore and do eat meat once in a while.  I still advocate the vegetarian diet (and vegan diets), but I have personally found it hard to keep to it.  My meals are mostly vegetarian – about 90-95% of what I eat is meat-free.  I plan to one day make that number even less and perhaps just eliminate meat for good.

I still hold the belief that sharksfin soup is evil and still needs to be stopped.  Currently, there has been a little bit more momentum on the topic and more people are starting to be aware of the issues.  Sure, there are some who don’t care and still go ahead with being ignorant, but internationally, effective work is being done.  The killing isn’t going to end overnight, but it will hopefully happen at this pace.

On my work life, I have actually opened a vegetarian/vegan café that’s attached to a restaurant that’s not open yet.  The concept is fresh foods, mostly healthy and completely meat free!  I say mostly healthy because there are some things on the menu that are a tad indulgent, but people need to treat themselves once in a while.  We also have the best coffee in KL, roasted in the café and we have the best machines to get the sort of cuppa that you would get in Melbourne (and other cities with awesome coffee).  It’s been a long year and there are many more challenges ahead, but it’s been fun so far.

Another interesting note is that we made sure we used as much material that was environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible: Bamboo flooring and table tops, non-toxic varnishing on the sustainable woods, biodegradable takeaway containers and energy efficient lighting.

I would like to note that we’re not using biodegradable, post-consumer waste coffee cups at the moment (we did when we first opened) because we made the big mistake of putting our trust in a company (based in Penang) that had containers made out of sugar cane waste and also manufactured biodegradable plastic bags.  They convinced us to put down a lot of money for a large order and they did make their first delivery.  The deal was that they would store the rest of our order for us and we could get it delivered free as and when we needed stock.  This obviously did not happen and trying to get our stock from them was like trying to extract teeth.  More to be done on that issue in the future.

Right now, our takeaway cups are from Detpak and they have informed us that, even though not recycled, their cups are 95% biodegradable.  We do try to encourage our customers to bring their own by discounting their coffee by RM2 whenever they bring a tumbler for takeaway.  We are also going to be stockists for the wonderful KeepCup  (barista standard bpa-free plastic cups that come in multiple funky colours and are just very cool), so that might hopefully reduce the need for us to have throwaway cups.

If you’re ever in the city centre (like, KLCC), look out for ICBC Bank in Wisma Equity and RAWcoffee (RAW stands for Real and Wholesome) Café is in the lobby of that building (150 Jalan Ampang).  It’s directly opposite the Petronas Twin Towers, and right next door to Bangunan Getah Asli (as in the Malaysian Rubber Board). Click HERE for our webiste.  And HERE for our FB or TWITTER

Anyway, this is just a check in and a feeler to see if people are still reading (probably not) and a post to get me off my ass to post more!  I still want to keep slightly on-topic and speak about vegetarianism, healthy eating, the environment and shark issues, but there will probably be diversions ahead.

Anybody out there in Malaysia who is vegetarian/vegan and want to give some tips of where to go, what to do and how to survive in this meat-centric country, feel free to comment.

Meanwhile, keep fighting the good fight!!


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